DJ set - SUB:STANCE 2nd birthday at Panorama Bar Berlin 9/07/10 by MJ Cole Live set from MJ Cole. Banging Garage and Two-step.If you don't know then you need to rinse this out! MJ ...Read More

Just in case you thought we had forgoten to do a show for the month of October we almost did! In the spirit of booming bass and a place to call our own we are having another Fundamentals show on ...Read More

Sept mix by djoptx 8Bits_-_On_Your_Mind_(feat_Riya)-Digital Soundboy ATP_-_For_The_Soul-Textures Music Group Flaco_-_I'm_Thinking_Of_You-Stepping Foward Command_Strange_-_Close_To_Me_(original_mix)-Fokuz Inside_Man_-_Deeper_Love_(original_mix)-Inferno Paul_SG___Andy_Sim_-_Indigo-Think Deep Calibre_-_Judgement_Day_(feat_DRS)-Samurai Music Mutt___Visionary_-_Things_Have_Changed-Soundtrax Dave_Owen_-_Tru_That_(original_mix)-iQ Entertainment Mutt_-_Blackrock-Columbia Electrosoul_System_-_Asteroids-soundtrax Phat_Playaz_-_Over-Fokuz Glen_E_Ston_-_Talk_To_Me-IM:Ltd Technicolour_Komatic_-_Skyline_Boulevard-Techniques Kabuki_-_Watch_Your_Step_(feat_Jeru_The_Damaja)-V Recordings Style_Disciples_-_Stay_With_You-Elevated Press Electrosoul_System_-_Underwater-Soundtrax Its a Jazz Thing_-_Roni Size __Dj_Die-V Recordings Instrumental Read More