sdfone – doin it real big (2010-08-10)

sdfone – doin it real big (2010-08-10)

01 sdfone – soapbox intro
02 Rihanna – rude boy (TC remix)
03 Wayz – music in my mind (feat MC Darrison)
04 Drifter – leola (Craggs & Parallel Forces remix)
05 DJ Bungle – just a little bit closer (feat MC Darrison)
06 Makoto – golden girl (feat MC Conrad) (vocal mix)
07 Ghostface Killah & Neyo – back like that (DJ Marky & Bungle remix)
08 Erykah Badu – bag lady (Dune remix)
09 The Invaderz – so low (DJ Marky & Bungle remix)
10 Ashanti – make up (Redeyes remix)
11 Drake – best i ever had (Mutt remix)
12 Shy FX & T Power – everything (Ill Logic & Raf remix)
13 Makoto – find a way (feat MC Deeizm)


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

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