The Ebb & Flow Show 3-17-16 Playlist

The Sweetness-Eveson
Shadows-Soulscience-Liquid Drops
Girl-Chris Harmonics & Impish-Occulti Music
Forever’s Calling-UNDERSOUND-Vibration
Kaset-Submerge-Broken Audio Recordings
Prof Popper-STRAY-Exit
Whatcha Doin’-COMMAND STRANGE-Liquid V
Sabina-RANDOM MOVEMENT-Innerground Music
Lost Soul-Soligen/Type 2 & Vandera-Fokuz
Bubble Gun-Funkware
Tipping Point-ActRaiser & Tremah feat. LaMeduza-Liquid Tones
Blue Harbour-Saxxon-Soul Trader
Stronger-Malaky/Satl-Celsius Recordings UK
About You-LARIGOLD-Radar UK
Together-Soulstructure/Pulsaar-Jazzsticks Recordings
Down On You-CALIBRE-Signature
Found A Reason Why-Total Science/FD-Computer Integrated Audio
The Absence Of Reason-Qumulus-Beatalistics
The Urban Jazz Conspiracy-Qumulus-Beatalistics Germany
Maiden-ALIX PEREZ/IVY LAB-Critical Music
Wanna B 3-ST Files/Response-Computer Integrated Audio
I Can’t Lose You (L Side remix)-LURCH-Liquid Tones
Flow (BCee & Villem remix)-DUB FX-Audioporn
Sleazy Bitch-Random Movement-Fokuz
Wibbler-PHASE 2-Soul Deep Exclusives
Wake Up (feat Pennygiles & Nina)-RoyGreen & Protone-Hospital
Everything For A Reason (Ivy Lab remix)-TC-3 Beat
Time Tripping-DJ HAZARD-Playaz
Guidance-FLACO-Prestige US
Surprise (Bert H Remix)-High N Sick-Liquid Tones
Think’bout it-Bronski-DNBB Recordings
Funk Conspiracy-CARLO EQ-Liquid Drops
Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab remix)-ANUSHKA-Brownswood UK


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

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