The Ebb & Flow Show 4-20-17 Playlist

name artist label
Talks To Me ANDREZZ/DJ CHAP Prestige US
Chasing The Jazz HUMANATURE Such Music
Wanderlust PENNYGILES Flight Pattern
Night Miracles CNOF Soul Deep Digital
Occasion DJAH Celsius Recordings UK
Slave 2 The Game DAVE OWEN Soul Deep Exclusives
Loosen Up PHASE 2 Soul Deep Exclusives
Let It Go MADCAP Sheer Velocity Recordings
What Makes You Move Lo Contakt Liquid Drops
Before You Go (instrumental) BACHELORS OF SCIENCE CODE Recordings
Hollow Game (feat Michael ET) ILL TRUTH Soul Trader
Laying Low PAUL T & EDWARD OBERON Tilt Audio
All That Time Redeyes Vandal Ltd
Glimpse (feat DBridge) SpectraSoul Shogun Audio
Not Deep Enough Will Miles Intrigue Music
Love At Last AMPARO Instinct Audio
Floating Island (feat Pennygiles) MR JOSEPH Liquid V
Prove Di Groovah JAZZATRON Liquid Drops
Flake ED:IT Subtitles Music UK
Flow (BCee & Villem remix) DUB FX Audioporn
In My Mind Eveson Liquid V
Lady Boy (PA remix) Boosta & Atmos T Muzik Hertz
Your Smile (Truespirit remix) VISIONARY, Marcus Liondub International
Grand Funk Hustle DIE & BREAK Digital Soundboy
Down To You JUNGLIST, Brunno Sheer Velocity Recordings
On & On E STON, Glen Think Deep
Simpler Times Break & Kyo Symmetry Recordings
Dubplate MODULE EIGHT Exit
Serious FD Sun & Bass Recordings
Set You Off Flaco Influence
Soul Purpose DAVE OWEN Soul Deep Exclusives


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

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