Vibes is a collective of like minded and style oriented dj's and artist who come together when the time is right. This is a free event so come out and and enjoy yourself to the sounds of this events selectors. GarageDogg Strive ...Read More

name artist label 7/2/2017 Music Box (original mix) Payback Liquid Drops Loveint SEVERITY ZERO Soul Deep Exclusives Signature Moves (feat Hugh Hardie) PHACTION Computer Integrated Audio Anxious Future LURCH Flight Pattern Luv U Tnite THE VANGUARD PROJECT Spearhead Mutt & Tedder-Second Thing (feat_Kevin_King) Watch Ya Back GREEKBOY Soul Deep Exclusives Rainy Days (original mix) AQUASION Textures Music Group Waves MSDOS Soul Deep Exclusives Foreign Concept & Halogenix-Waiheke Wine Club Brothers SKELETONE ...Read More

name artist label 6/22/2017 Hiding BROKEN DRUM Soul Deep Exclusives Someone Andrezz LuvDisaster The Way Of Time ANTH M Fokuz Nothing Can Separate Us ATLANTIC CONNECTION Fokuz The Party's Arrived (feat TRAC) Dave Owen Liquid V Music Box (original mix) Payback Liquid Drops Talk To Me Joakuim Running Late Phase 2 Soul Rebel Recordings The Way It Feels SATL Shaolin Audio Rainy Days CAPSIKA Atmomatix Mango Sky ODDSOUL Soul Deep Digital Home In Myself (Silence Groove ...Read More

name artist label 6/15/2017 All I Need Funkware & Mortadela Jazz Night PRECISION/SUBDIVISION Soul Trader Look Again THESIS Soul Deep Exclusives Music Box (original mix) Payback Liquid Drops Slave 2 The Game DAVE OWEN Soul Deep Exclusives Missouri FURNEY Soul Deep Exclusives Hollow Game (feat Michael ET) ILL TRUTH Soul Trader How Does It Feel ROWPIECES Celsius Recordings UK Anxious Future LURCH Flight Pattern Fading Away MAGE Kill Inc ...Read More

name artist label 6/8/2017 King Of Africa feat. Hannah Collins - Album Edit TC D-Style Recordings Say It Loud Brother So Real GIORGIOLIVE If You Want My Love INTELLIGENT MANNERS Re-Adjust - Trust - mastered2 Deep Down Miavo Jazz Night PRECISION/SUBDIVISION Soul Trader Bassment Jazz QUMULUS Soul Deep Recordings Last Night DJ MARKY/SPY Innerground Loops For Days UTAH JAZZ Vintage Mindset PULSAR DNBB Recordings What Would You Do PENNYGILES Black Reflections Let Yourself Go ...Read More