11.2.17 The Ebb & Flow Show Playlist

name artist label album
Light ‘Em Up Flaco Innerground Light Em Up
Soul Dancing BROKEN DRUM Subfuzion UK On It/Soul Dancing
Close To Me (original mix) COMMAND STRANGE Fokuz Soulbooster
Dirty Habits EVESON Dirty Habits
Blackrock MUTT Columbia Blackrock
Hear Thru Me Paul SG & Calculon HE:Digital HE:Jam
Loveline Simplification & Edward Oberon Trilogy
Lady Sings The Blues BIG BUD Soundtrax Lady Sings The Blues
Winter Sound DJ CLART Influenza Media UK Winter Sound
Highlife EVESON Liquid V Wicked Dub EP
This Is How – Original Mix Switch, Icicle, Alix Perez Shogun Audio This Is How
Millennium (Utah Jazz remix) BIG BUD Connections
Embrace The Vibration feat. Shamik & Solow – Kjell Dub Degree Waxworkz Embrace The Vibration / Rock Down
Grey Jeans DUBSON, Donnie Fokuz Monday Is The New Sunday Album Sampler
Dreamline MR EXPLICIT Dreamline
Reader PHAT PLAYAZ Reader
Love Spin Translate & Gordelax Textures Music Group City Soul: Level Four
Rollin’ Smooth MJT Soul Deep Recordings Shadows EP
Reflections Sol.ID & Optx Dub
Bassment Jazz QUMULUS Soul Deep Recordings Bassment Jazz EP
Playing Love Games MR JOSEPH Fizzy Beats UK Playing Love Games EP
Chloe’s Exodus Loz Contreras HE:Digital HE:Jam 2
Behind The lens Imagery Instinct Audio Instinctive EP
Loose Lips Dave Owen Co Lab Lab Rollers Volume 2 EP
Spiritual Cutworks & Igor Dorohov Celsius 100 Degrees Fahrenheit Vol 2
The Life Moments (Soundwall VIP) Contract Killers Fokuz Fokuz & Friendz Vol 3
They’re Wrong Break Symmetry Recordings They’re Wrong
Aim KREDIT Soul Deep Recordings Way Out EP
Dimensions MSDOS Liquid Drops Dimensions EP
Loops For Days UTAH JAZZ Vintage Loops For Days
What Would You Do PENNYGILES Black Reflections Oedipus Violins
Feeling Translated RANDOM MOVEMENT Innerground Feeling Translated
Last Night DJ MARKY/SPY Innerground Last Night
U Want It U Got It ROWPIECES Fokuz Follow Your Senses EP


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

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