The Ebb & Flow Show Playlist 2-15-18

name artist label album
Let Me Hold You CALIBRE Let Me Hold You
People Don’t Care HumaNature/Silence Groove Fokuz There’s Delight EP
Down To You JUNGLIST, Brunno Sheer Velocity Recordings Little Birdie EP
Found You Chromatic Utopia Music Shadowlines
The Party’s Arrived (feat TRAC) Dave Owen Liquid V
Liquid V Presents: After Party (album sampler)
The Sweetness Eveson Fizzy Beats The Juices Volume 3
Better Days L-SIDE/ANDREZZ V Recordings Turbulence EP
Somebody Else PAUL T/EDWARD OBERON Liquid V Colours Of The Sun
Ethereal Jam PHASE 2 Soul Deep Recordings Soul Power
Time PHYSICAL ILLUSION/SUNNY CRIMEA NexGen Music Something About Love LP
The Five Spot RoyGreen, Protone, Big Bud Innerground Jazzypants
Feeling Happy ROWPIECES Terabyte
Liquid Technology Vol 2: Rowpieces
Nothing Lasts Forever Unreal & Pennygiles Liquid V
Just One Night/Nothing Lasts Forever
Down To You JUNGLIST, Brunno Sheer Velocity Recordings Little Birdie EP
Love Me (feat Rebecca Jane Grey) Anthony Kasper & Velocity Fokuz Misery Loves Company EP
Walk Besides U MSDOS/GREEKBOY Midnight Sun Recordings
Hold Me, Kiss Me / Walk Besides U
All Night CABIN FEVER UK Natty Dub Recordings All Night
Cinammon Eyes MJT Black Reflections Entrance To Jericho
Missing Paradise ACTRAISER Celsius Recordings UK Espionage EP
Looking In Dave Owen & Jaybee Driven AM Recordings Driven Family Vol 2
Only Me SEVERITY ZERO Soul Deep Recordings Dreams Of Love
Consequence Madcap Uncertified Music
Consequence/Scratch You Out
Don’t Forget Simplification & Translate V Recordings
DJ Patife Presents Viva Brazil: Sunandbass Sessions (unmixed tracks)
Slave 2 The Game DAVE OWEN Soul Deep Exclusives Blazin’ Arrow
Day Is Done AUDIOSKETCH/SURPLUS/HUMANATURE Celsius Recordings UK Come Correct EP
Never Enough (feat Hannah Collins) Heist Co-Lab Recordings Deep In The Lab Volume 3
Drown Up KernelPanic Vampire Sourced EP Pt 3
Missed Calls MAGE Celsius Recordings UK Missed Calls EP
Angels Sing OWNGLOW Hospital A Walk To Remember
Wanderlust PENNYGILES Flight Pattern Want The Girl/Wanderlust
Lost Moments RE-ADJUST Warm Ears Music Lost Moments EP
Moving Slow REDS Celsius Recordings UK Moving Slow EP
Round Midnight SOUL CONNECTION Soul Deep Exclusives Jazz Renegades
Wondering Why Satl Single – PMD022B
Rain Impish Sick Music 2018
Jazz Night PRECISION/SUBDIVISION Soul Trader Jazz Night EP
Missouri FURNEY Soul Deep Exclusives Inner Rhythm
Sustain Moods Funkware
(FSR046) Funkware – Dos And Don’ts EP (Funkstuff Recordings)
Rhodes Adrift PENNYGILES Inform Rhodes Adrift
Memories MUWOOKIE LDNB The Healing


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

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