We need our own Music event-not with artwalk

Forget the artwalk we need a music walk. In the coming days something will be done to address the issue of music and the city courtesy of Drew(energetik). I am assuming that a proposal will need to be written but am not familiar with the process. This cannot be the work of just one man our friend will need help in conveying the point,”That were tired of the city treating us with such disdain and hostility because we enjoy and play music at public events.”
I would love to see us organize another park party and have it consistently occur. Nothing can happen without your support.

Lets hope thisĀ  doesn’t lose steam or fall upon deaf city bureaucrat ears.

This is my opinion but what is yours? Please comment.


Optx is Carlos Villarreal a dj/producer from South Texas. Fast paced city rhythms, slow rising country breaks and rolling coast line bass are what comprise his sound. Optx brings the soulful side of music from Hip-hop, Jungle and all genres in-between.
From international bookings to local stomping grounds Optx comes correct with the beats and vibe.

One reply on “We need our own Music event-not with artwalk”

Agreed…music is a form of art, in my opinion. Why the City feels they have a right to deem what art actually is pisses me off. I think its time for the city to embrace the idea of music as art and give those artists a proper outlet to express their creativity!

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